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STEM Graduate Student Professional Development

STEM graduate students who wish to become faculty must develop professional skills at the intersection of research, teaching and service roles. We study how STEM graduate students negotiate this professional development especially when it is often disproportionately focused on research training. 


Instructor Adoption & Adaptation of Evidence-Based Teaching Methods

Despite extensive evidence related to effective STEM instruction, many faculty continue to rely on didactic, instructor-centered methods. We study faculty beliefs about teaching and learning, their adoption of these practices, and how they adapt them to their own contextual needs.   


TBR-SERS (FA2019-SP2020): Teaching TRIOS: Professional Development in Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy for STEM Faculty


NSF DRK12 (FA2014-SP2019): Promoting Active Learning Strategies (PALS) in Biology

MTSU FRCAC (SP2013-SP2014): Understanding STEM Faculty Beliefs and Practices Related to Evidence-Based Instructional Practices at Two Universities


Student Learning in Small Groups

Student-centered instructional methods often involve student learning in small groups. We study the dynamics of student interactions in small groups and how these interactions impact student learning. 


MTSU FRCAC (SP2019-SP2020): Analyzing Student Small Group Interactions Using Social Network Theory

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